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The Fondation Maison des sciences de l'Homme (FMSH) will publish, starting in January 2012, a series of Working Papers and, in a shorter format, a series of Position Papers.

Working Papers

Working Papers are articles of no more than 40 pages. They are produced in the course of the scientific activities of the FMSH: the chairs of the Institute for Global Studies, Fernand Braudel-IFER grants, the Foundation’s scientific programmes, or the scholars hosted at the Maison Suger or as associate research directors. Working Papers may also be produced in partnership with affiliated institutions. They may refer directly to the research topic pursued under the grant or in collaboration with the FMSH, or may be defined in conjunction with the scientific directors of the FMSH.

Position Papers

Position Papers are less than 6 pages in length. They are produced in the course of FMSH activities (particularly periods of residence as associate research directors, hosting of fellows at the Maison Suger and bilateral programmes). Position Papers address narrower topics than Working Papers.

A common publication procedure

Papers, along with the necessary author information, are submitted to a Scientific Advisory Board, placed under the authority of the FMSH Administrator, for electronic publication and/or printing. The authors grant the FMSH the right to publish the text, submitted electronically or in paper format, under a policy of open and free dissemination. They retain the right to submit their papers to other journals or publishers. If the FMSH wishes to publish their papers in a journal or book, it will offer them an author’s contract.
Papers are published by the FMSH in a dedicated area on the platform and through the Foundation’s website. They are also deposited in an open archive to ensure permanent storage and listing in scholarly indexes.
The FMSH prints a few dozen copies of Working Papers in paper format, some of which are sent to the author. The Foundation may also occasionally publish a selection of Working Papers and/or Position Papers for purposes of promotion and dissemination; in this case, three copies will be sent to each author.


Working Papers must be submitted in French or English; publication in a second language is possible at the author’s request. Metadata must be provided in both French and English, apart from the author’s biographical note. Papers are submitted to a scientific officer of the FMSH.

Informations et soumission des textes :