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Breast milk as a possible route of vertical transmission of dengue virus?

Anne Barthel , Ann-Claire Gourinat , Cécile Cazorla , Corinne Joubert , Myrielle Dupont-Rouzeyrol , et al.
Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2013, 57 (3), pp.415-7. ⟨10.1093/cid/cit227⟩
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Viral evolution sustains a dengue outbreak of enhanced severity

Catherine Inizan , Marine Minier , Matthieu Prot , Olivia O'Connor , Carole Forfait-Dubuc , et al.
Emerging microbes & infections, 2021, 10 (1), pp.536 - 544. ⟨10.1080/22221751.2021.1899057⟩
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Detection of zika virus in urine

Ac Gourinat , O O'Connor , E Calvez , C Goarant , M. Dupont-Rouzeyrol
Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2015, 21 (1), pp.84-86. ⟨10.3201/eid2101.140894⟩
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A new multiplex RT-qPCR method for the simultaneous detection and discrimination of Zika and chikungunya viruses

Sylvia Broeders , Linda Garlant , Marie-Alice Fraiture , Els Vandermassen , Vanessa Suin , et al.
International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2020, 92, pp.160-170. ⟨10.1016/j.ijid.2019.12.028⟩
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The emm-cluster typing system for group A Streptococcus identifies epidemiologic similarities across the Pacific region.

Noémie Baroux , Eric d'Ortenzio , Nathalie Amédéo , Ciara Baker , Barakat Ali Alsuwayyid , et al.
Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2014, pp.e1-e9. ⟨10.1093/cid/ciu490⟩
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Co-infection with Zika and Dengue Viruses in 2 Patients, New Caledonia, 2014.

M Dupont-Rouzeyrol , O O'Connor , E Calvez , M Daurès , M John , et al.
Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2015, 21 (2), pp.381-2. ⟨10.3201/eid2102.141553⟩
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Development of a bedside score to predict dengue severity

Ingrid Marois , Carole Forfait-Dubuc , Catherine Inizan , Elise Klement-Frutos , Anabelle Valiame , et al.
BMC Infectious Diseases, 2021, 21 (1), pp.470. ⟨10.1186/s12879-021-06146-z⟩
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Use of serum and blood samples on filter paper to improve the surveillance of dengue in Pacific Island Countries.

Maite Aubry , Claudine Roche , Myrielle Dupont-Rouzeyrol , John Aaskov , Jérôme Viallon , et al.
Journal of Clinical Virology, 2012, 55 (1), pp.23-9. ⟨10.1016/j.jcv.2012.05.010⟩
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Isolation and partial characterization of bacteria (Pseudoalteromonas sp.) with potential antibacterial activity from a marine costal environment from New Caledonia.

R. Dufourcq , E. Chalkiadakis , M. Fauchon , Eric Deslandes , V. Kerjean , et al.
Letters in Applied Microbiology, 2014, 58 (2), pp.102-8. ⟨10.1111/lam.12162⟩
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Partial characterization of an exopolysaccharide secreted by a marine bacterium, Vibrio neocaledonicus sp. nov., from New Caledonia.

E. Chalkiadakis , R. Dufourcq , S. Schmitt , C. Brandily , N. Kervarec , et al.
Journal of Applied Microbiology, 2013, 114 (6), pp.1702-12. ⟨10.1111/jam.12184⟩
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Deltamethrin Resistance Mechanisms in Aedes aegypti Populations from Three French Overseas Territories Worldwide

Isabelle Dusfour , Pilar Zorrilla , Amandine Guidez , Jean Issaly , Romain Girod , et al.
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2015, 9 (11), pp.e0004226. ⟨10.1371/journal.pntd.0004226⟩
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Impact of toxicant exposure on the proteomic response to intertidal condition in Mytilus edulis

Julie Letendre , Myrielle Dupont-Rouzeyrol , Anne-Caroline Hanquet , Fabrice Durand , Hélène Budzinski , et al.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part D: Genomics and Proteomics, 2011, 6 (4), pp.357-369. ⟨10.1016/j.cbd.2011.08.002⟩
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